Tuition Fee Payment Policy for Foreign Students

For students who set to register one of our programs for the first time in 2017-18 Academic Year

  1. ₺ 1,200 per credit for courses (each 3-credit course costs ₺ 3,600)
  2. ₺ 2,400 for the semester in which the student takes the qualifying exam
  3. ₺ 2,400 for thesis proposal
  4. ₺ 9,600 *4 semester for PhD thesis
  5. ₺ 1,500 per credit for special studentship
  6. ₺ 220 additional fee for delayed payments 

For the students who registered earlier

1. The total fee for doctoral study is $14,400.

2. The tuition fee is charged with an installment plan of 8 semesters, $1,800 for each.

3. The students who complete their education within less than 8 semesters, must still pay all 8 installments.

4. The students who cannot complete their education in 8 semester must pay $1,800 for each extra semester.

5. Fees must be paid in the beginning of the semester.

6. The USD/TRY exchange rate is determined once for each semester by the Senate according to the rates of Turkish Central Bank. This rate is valid through the whole semester.

7. A list for doctoral students indicating the installment schedule, amounts and the total due is given below.

8. The students who will apply for a military service suspense (for Turkish applicants) cannot suspend their registration within the first two semesters. Enrollment in two courses for the first two semesters is obligatory.

9. Should there be a conflict in the payment procedures, students are subject to the decision to be made by the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences.




1st Semester


2nd Semester


3rd Semester


4th Semester


5th Semester


6th Semester


7th Semester


8th Semester




Each extra semester


*Every student is also charged for an application fee of $ 120.

Special Cases

  1. Research assistants affiliated to Çankaya University are exempted from the PhD tuition fee only if they are enrolled in the PhD programs conducted by the department employing them.
  1. PhD Scholars at Çankaya University are exempted from the tuition fee if they are enrolled in one of the PhD programs conducted by the department employing them.
  1. Every assisting academic staff employed by Çankaya University including academic specialists, lecturers, etc. have to pay PhD tuition fee in reduced rate declared by the board of trustees in regard to the special rates for Çankaya University staff and Çankaya University alumni, if applicable.
  1. Administrative staff employed by Çankaya University cannot make use of any kind of special rate for PhD programs. They have to pay the regular tuition fee.
  1. Each PhD student, not belonging to academic or administrative staff of Çankaya University, is subject to the regular PhD tuition fee. Only Çankaya University alumni discount (if applicable) and special rates for specific institutions determined by the board of trustees may apply.
  1. The calculations “Tuition fees for PhD programs” recommended in the presidency letter numbered “31115241-302.01.09-01890” were due to the amount per credit for graduate courses, which was recommended as ₺ 600 for 2017-18 academic year. A revision on that amount will determine the fees for the next academic year after it.