The students enrolled in programs under the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences must follow the checklist below after succeeding their thesis defences:

1. The signed Thesis Defence Report implying the satisfactory thesis defense must be prepared and submitted to the department chair.

2. After the minor/major revisions given by the jury members are applied, the thesis is submitted to the thesis specialist in electronic or printed form for format check. The thesis specialist gives format revisions along with the “Thesis Similarity Report” which is created through Turnitin system.

3. The format-based revisions given by the thesis specialist are applied (if exists). No content change can be done in this step or throughout.

4. The student gives the thesis to the copy center for binding process (at least 4 copies must be produced).

5. All the signatures including the Director of Institute must be completed in each copy.

6. The student must login to the “Higher Education Council of Turkey, National Thesis Center” by means of Turkish Republic e-Government Gateway password given by any PTT office. On this system the student fills in the necessary data related to her/his thesis. Regarding these data, the system creates a document to authorize publication of the thesis online. 3 copies of this documents must be printed out and signed by the student. The system also generates a unique ID for the thesis named “Reference number”. This number must be noted safely.

7. The electronic version of the thesis must be saved in pdf format with the name RefNo.pdf where RefNo is the reference number described in Step 6. It is very important that the consecutive pages containing the jury approvals and certification of non-plagiarism must be saved signed. Then, this version is used for burning 3 copies of CD’s.

8. 1 copy of bound and signed thesis, 3 CD’s containing the electronic version of signed thesis and 3 copies of student-signed “Thesis Publication Permission” document are submitted to the Institute.