Announcement for non-Turkish citizen applicants. Turkish applicants must display this page

Master’s and Doctoral programs run by Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences will admit graduate students based on written and/or oral exam.

Master’s Programs GRE Conditions* TOEFL (IBT) Graduate Scholar Positions
Computer Engineering (EN) Thesis/Non-Thesis I 60 3
Information Technologies (EN) Thesis/Non-Thesis I 60
Electronics and Communication Engineering (EN) Thesis/Non-Thesis I 60 3
Industrial Engineering (EN) Thesis/Non-Thesis II 60
Interior Architecture (EN) Thesis only IV 60 1
Civil Engineering (EN) Thesis/Non-Thesis III 60 1
İş Sağlığı ve Güvenliği (TR) Thesis/Non-Thesis I **
Kentsel Tasarım ve Dönüşüm (TR) Thesis/Non-Thesis VI **
Mechanical Engineering (EN) Thesis/Non-Thesis I 60 2
Mathematics (EN) Thesis/Non-Thesis I 60
Mechatronics Engineering (EN) Thesis/Non-Thesis V 60 1
Mimarlık (TR) Thesis only IV **
Doctoral Programs GRE Conditions* TOEFL Graduate Scholar Positions
Computer Engineering (EN) Q 648 I 72
Electronics and Communication Engineering (EN)  Q 648 I 72 1
Mechanical Engineering (EN) Q 648 I 72
Mimarlık (TR) Q 648 IV 72
Design (EN) under Interior Architecture Department Q 648 IV 72

I 4-year-BSc degree (undergraduate) for Master’s programs, thesis master’s degree for PhD programs

II 4-year-BSc degree in all engineering departments (except for Faculty of Agriculture), all science departments in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Economics Departments and Business Administration (or Management) Departments

III 4-year-BSc degree in Civil Engineering Departments

IV 4-year-BSc degree in Architecture, Interior Architecture, City and Regional Planning, Landscape Architecture departments for Master’s programs; thesis master’s degree and/or 4-year-BSc degree for these departments for PhD programs

V 4-year-BSc-degree in Mechatronics Engineering, Electric-Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Aircraft Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering departments

VI 4-year-BSc-degree in City and Regional Planning, Architecture, Interior Architecture, Geology/Geomatic Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Economics, Business Administration (or Management), Public Administration, Sociology departments 

** Turkish language proficiency required.

Application Requirements

Applications are only online:

  1. For PhD programs, minimum 648 GRE (quantitive) score.
  2. For Master’s programs minimum 60 TOEFL-IBT score (or equivalent YÖKDİL, KPDS, ÜDS, TOEFL-PBT, TOEFL-CBT, CAE, CPE, PEARSON PTE Academic) or succeed at our university’s English Proficiency Exam.
  3. Turkish language proficiency for programs in Turkish.
  4. For PhD programs minimum 72 TOEFL-IBT score  (or equivalent YÖKDİL, KPDS, ÜDS, TOEFL-PBT, TOEFL-CBT, CAE, CPE, PEARSON PTE Academic)

Documents to be Uploaded for Application

To apply:

  1. Undergraduate transcript for Master’s programs, undergraduate and Master’s transcripts for PhD programs (both officially stampted by the related university).
  2. GRE result for PhD programs.
  3. English proficiency document.
  4. Bank receipt indicating the transaction of $120 (must be converted to TRY) application fee to the account Vakıfbank Meşrutiyet Şubesi TR 2800 0150 0158 0072 6042 9262. ATM receipts are not valid.
  5. 1 passport photo.
  6. Resumé (CV).
  7. For PhD programs 2 reference letters and letter of intention (research statement).

Application Period : 24 July – 18 August 2017

English Proficiency Exam : 23 August 2017 (For the applicants who apply to Master’s programs in English and do not satisfy English proficiency conditions stated aboce)

Written and Oral Exam: 6 September 2017 (For only thesis Master’s programs and PhD programs)

Registration : 14-15 September 2017