Master GRE Requirements
Computer Engineering, thesis/non-thesis I
Information Technologies, thesis/non-thesis I
Industrial Engineering, thesis/non-thesis II
Interior Architecture, thesis III
Mechanical Engineering, thesis/non-thesis I
Mathematics, thesis/non-thesis I
Mechatronics Engineering, thesis/non-thesis IV
Micro and Nano Technologies, thesis/non-thesis V
Computer Sciences and Engineering 648 I
Mechanical Engineering 648 I

 Only programs in English are displayed.

I – Degree in a four-year bachelor program for the master program applicants; and master with thesis degree for the PhD program applicants

II – Degree in a four-year bachelor program in engineering, agriculture, architecture, science, economics and administrative sciences

III – Degree in a four-year bachelor program in Interior Architecture, architecture, city and regional planning, landscape architecture and Industrial Design for the master program applicants

IV – Degree in a four-year bachelor program in mechatronics, mechanical, electrical and electronics, electronics and communication, computer, aerospace, aeronautical and manufacturing engineering

V – Degree in a four-year bachelor program in engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, biological sciences, molecular biology and genetics

For the English exams visit http://en.fbe.cankaya.edu.tr/requirements

Applications are to be done onlinehttp://onbasvuru.cankaya.edu.tr

Documents to be uploaded:

  1. For the applications to master programs, undergraduate transcript and applications to the PhD programs, both undergraduate and master transcripts are required; the documents are to be approved by the universities.
  2. GRE exam result – valid for 5 years, maximum
  3. English exam result – valid for 5 years, maximum.
  4. Receipt of the application fee
  5. 1 passport size photograph
  6. CV
  7. Two reference letters and a statement-of-purpose for the PhD candidates

Application dates: 17 December 2018 – 11 January 2019

English proficiency exam: 16 January 2019

Written and oral exams (not for the non-thesis applicants): Written exam is at 10:00 and oral exam is at 13:30, 22 January 2019, both at Balgat Campus.

Registration: 31 January – 01 February 2019